The final papers for the Pfalz arrived last Friday, so when the day after offered the most beautiful weather – it wasn’t a big surprise what would be the event of the day!

Luckily Bengt was present once again to catch the moment:

Tummelisa in the workshop

During Airpower 2019 in Zeltweg (Austria) 6-7 September, Mikael and the team performed some much appreciated Dr.1 vs. Tummelisa dogfights.

However, an unexpected wind shift during the last day’s challenging weather conditions resulted in tailwind landings, in which the Tummelisa hit an obstacle and nosed over. The team member could rapidly escape the cockpit and he didn’t suffer a single bruise.

There are no major structural fractures on fuselage and wings, but a larger number of minor – or at least less big – damages. The engine and propeller handled the sudden stop very well.

Mikael is already doing good progress with the repairs and the Tummelisa is expected to fly again during 2020.

Another Pfalz update!

The fantastic Swedish summer just won’t give up and the other day it was time to roll the Pfalz out for yet another photo session.

Wings are now covered, so from an exterior point-of-view she’s complete. There are of course hundreds of things left to do before it’s time to fly, but this is the beautiful view we can now be lucky to get used to!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

Pfalz update

In beautiful Swedish summer weather the Pfalz was rolled out, completely assembled and rigged.

Basically all construction work is finalized and besides the obvious covering of the wings and some painting, it’s now mostly a matter of installation work and final details. The engine will also be lifted off one final time to make it ready for flight.

And as always: She will fly when she’s ready to fly, so there’s no date set for first flight.

With one more engine and all fuselage lamination plugs, fixtures and tools available, it’s possible to build yet another D.VIII if the demand occurs.

Contact forms up and running!

After a period of configuration problems, server hotel mergers, lost domain settings and a recent hacker attack, the contact forms should be up and running again.

Please text me on +46 703 193252 if you get error messages or any other indications that it doesn’t work!

/Mattias, webmaster